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Schooled by the Kids

Posted by on Jul 9, 2014 in Parenting Education | 1 comment

The other day, my boys gave me a real schooling.   Kai and Bodhi schooling their daddy   We were driving to the beach and some bicyclists were really hogging up the road. I got a little impatient with not being able to get by, and as I finally pulled around them I said something like, “Move your ass!” (apparently not under my breath like I thought.) All of a sudden from the back seat I hear my nearly six-year-old, Kai — “Dad, you shouldn’t really talk like that.” Ooops. “Yeah, you are right buddy. I kind of lost my cool, huh?” I...

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How Children Develop Empathy

Posted by on Sep 5, 2013 in Parenting Education | 0 comments

Guest post by Carmen Gamper   When we are born, empathy is not part of our skill set. We still float in an ocean of oneness and cannot yet distinguish between “you” and “me.” We feel in union with our mother and our environment. As young children, our capacity for empathy expands somewhat, but our worldview remains largely determined by our age-appropriate, child ego-centrism. In the early pre-school years, we tend to believe everyone feels exactly the same way we do. But each time we discover a person feels different than we do, we learn that each of us are separate individuals...

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Shaming Your Child Online

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 in Essential Development, Parenting Advice, Parenting Education | 1 comment

I saw this video and just wanted to cry. I am sad to feel what this little girl is subjected to day in and day out. So sad, my heart is spontaneously sending prayers to her and the rest of her family. I am sad for the state of the media and culture it serves. To present this as some kind of legitimate debate about the nature of discipline is only to be thinking of profits. That is no vocation, only a job. And lastly, I am sad for this man. What hell he must have endured to be so cold. What hell he must endure every moment of his life feeling so shut down and hateful. What a cold lonely existence. No amount of screaming or trying to shame him will help. Only our tears and our loving resolve can make a dent in the pain of this world.

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Attachment is Hierarchical

Posted by on Sep 25, 2011 in Attachment Theory, Parenting Education | 0 comments

Discipline — the development of an ordered mind that underlies the capacities of self-motivation, self-direction, responsible action, and respectful interactions (among others) — is a long-term project. It takes many years for the brain to wire up in a complex enough way for our children to be able to Control their impulsive urges Regulate their bodies and emotions Develop present centered-focus to reach a far-off goal Become empathic and compassionate Navigate the tension between being authentic and respectful of others First and foremost, this development requires our kids to be...

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Take Crying Seriously; But Not Too Seriously

Posted by on Jul 15, 2011 in Most Popular Posts, Parenting Advice, Parenting Education, Practical Parenting | 1 comment

Let’s be honest—crying is tough on the nervous system. And it is designed to be. When children have an unmet need that is beginning to really cause a disruption in their nervous system, they cry or get really whiney as a direct reaction to the discomfort. The crying then enters us through our senses—mostly through sound, but visually as well if we see their contorted face and the tension in their bodies—and then travels from the sensory areas of our brain, into the limbic system and down into our bodies, all resulting in the feeling of “Something is wrong and we have got to...

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A Sneak-Peek at the Home Course

Posted by on Dec 3, 2010 in Online Parenting Class, Parenting Education | 0 comments

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you are enjoying your families during this time of togetherness. I have decided to take this week’s blog to give a you a sneak-peek at The Essential Parenting Home Course that is set to be released next week. I am very excited about this project and hope that our conscious parenting community will benefit from this distillation of the vast amount of information that is out there. Simply click the play button and kick back an enjoy this short 6-minute clip. (Please note that this is a much lower quality version than the MP3’s you will receive with...

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