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I have created an 8-week insight-based and practice-oriented program designed to help you understand your children in new ways. By doing so, you put yourself in a better position to help your kids become fully themselves and contribute as a respectful and responsible member of your household. And here is the best part about this class: By joining us, you will be becoming your best self as well. Let me tell you how.

Class Structure

We begin each class by engaging in ten minutes of mindfulness meditation or a somatic practice of some kind and work towards the embodiment of a new “way of being.” After about an hour of didactic material, we then pair up and spend the last hour practicing inquiry and sharing our insights as a group. Each class provides a unique inquiry question relevant to the material and designed to deepen your insights into your personal history. Becoming self-reflective and capable of better self-regulation you will continue your own process of maturation, growing up right alongside of your child.

The Essential Parenting practices are designed to:

  • Promote mindfulness in everyday life.
  • Help you keep your cool in stressful times.
  • Clarify your patterns of reactivity—where they come from, how they manifest, and how best to work with them moving forward.

If done regularly, these practices can change your life.

A Brief Overview of Class Topics

Week 1: The Essential Parenting Approach

In this class, we compare and contrast the Developmentalist and the Behavioral approaches to raising children, introduce mindfulness, and discuss the context in which maturation is optimally supported.

Week 2
: What is a Fully Developed Human Being?

I outline the three primary maturational processes and emphasize the importance of helping our children maintain contact with their authentic self.

Week 3
: Attachment: What it is and What it is Not

In this class, we explore how the current Attachment Parenting paradigm can be expanded and improved upon. In particular, you will learn how the creation of healthy boundaries and teaching our children the importance of interdependence is absolutely essential to the development of maturity.

Week 4
: The Five Essential Elements of Relational Nourishment

This week I describe how unconditional love, space, healthy limits, mentorship, and “mistakes” are exactly what our children need to develop into their full potential.

Week 5
: The Adaptive Process

Adaptation is a key process in human maturation and it is especially missing in western culture. This week we discuss adaptation: what it is and why it is important to start this process early if we want to develop our children’s resilient and hearty nature.

Week 6
: The Development of Resilience

In this class we walk through exactly what is needed to support the “adaptive process,” and outline the steps involved in this pivotal dance.

Week 7
: Discipline

I introduce a new view of discipline that has maturity, rather than mere compliance, as its primary goal. We examine how many Behaviorist strategies—particularly separation-based strategies like “time-outs” and “1-2-3-Magic!”—do not achieve this long-term goal of maturation and cause many behavioral and relationship problems along the way.

Week 8: Integration

I integrate the previous seven weeks, propose a way to raise the bar for attachment parenting, and summarize the take-aways that will help orient you in tough times.

So please come and join us for these eight weeks of parenting classes in San Rafael, California. It will be one of the best investments of time and money you will ever make. See schedule below.

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