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Caring for and guiding another human being from birth to independence is an enormous responsibility. It is hard enough to drag our own bodies out of bed some days, let alone get our kids up and dressed for yet another day of school. And the challenges of today’s culture have added layers of complexity to this often-lonely job that we call parenting. Most of us need support from time to time. Here’s where Parent Coaching can help.

I am a board-certified pediatrician, father, life coach, and long-time student of human development. My parent coaching serves two primary purposes:

  1. To provide you with information that helps you distinguish normal from abnormal development.
  2. To help restore your natural intuitive capacity to parent your children.


The time my wife and I spent with Chris was to me the single most valuable hour we’ve spent together learning how to parent more skillfully. If there is a better coach in guiding parents how to provide loving discipline, I’d love to meet him or her.” —Amiel Handelsman, host of The Amiel Show, executive coach, and father of two

I tailor-fit each coaching program to fit your family’s specific needs. Some parents need only a few sessions to be reassured that your approach is healthy and that your child’s maturation is right on track, while others may need a more in-depth program that addresses the multiple layers of context that accompany most behavioral and developmental problems.

Together, we will identify the issues and co-create the solutions. By giving you self-observations, inquiry questions, and practices, I aim for you to develop deeper insights and capacities than would be gained than if I simply spoon-fed you information. In this way, you can learn about your child’s world from the inside out, intuitively create the optimal conditions in which they can thrive, and continue to grow into your own full potential.


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