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My goals are to help you

  • Become the best parent you can be
  • Transform your house into a nourishing and restful home
  • Support all family members in growing into their full potential

My philosophy is straightforward:

Children — like all living creatures — have needs. And when their needs are met on a regular basis they feel better, function better, and mature most ease-fully into their full potential. Our job as parents is to read their current need and meet it. Sometimes they need protection to feel safe. Sometimes they need to feel more connection and unconditional love from you. Sometimes they need more space to mix it up with life and become more competent. Sometimes they need a clear boundary and an invitation to try a different approach in place of becoming aggressive. Sometimes they need to not get their way, to be held lovingly in their disappointment, and to be grown up by their confrontation with vulnerability.

It takes a wide variety of interactions for children to grow up whole, happy, and resilient.

Parents — in our heartfelt attempt to do what is best for our children and the entire family — are also being grown up by this challenging arena we call parenthood. This is the place where we can continue to grow as human beings, or become buried in fear, guilt, and shame. Essential Parenting aims to provide you with the tools you need to understand your children, provide the nourishment they need to thrive, and to do it in a way that you continue to grow into your best and brightest self along the way. Your kids need that. Our world needs that.


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“Seeing him with his sons inspires me to be a better father. I send every parent I know to his work.” – Shereef Bishay, father of two


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