Here are 3 great products that will help you become the best parent you can be.


1. Loving Discipline Home Course  (FREE intro) – If you like to listen to audio presentations in the car or on your ipod walking, this is the class for you. Tons of practical examples, a 99-page eBook, and a 50 item Loving Discipline Toolkit.


“I attended one of his classes the last time I was in San Francisco. I felt like I was one of those lucky people who got the chance to sit in a small group with a teacher who would soon only be able to be seen in rooms of 500 or more.” Heather Stein, LCSW, mother of two


2. Family Support Package – The best way to get your personal challenges understood in context and addressed in a way that works for you: 2-hours of private parent coaching, The Loving Discipline Home Course, and an entire YEAR of monthly Parent Support Calls.

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“The time my wife and I spent with Chris was to me the single most valuable hour we’ve spent together learning how to parent more skillfully.” — Amiel Handelsman, host of The Amiel Show, executive coach, and father of two


3. Mindful Discipline book – If you want the WHOLE scoop, get this book. Gives both the big picture of healthy discipline, practical examples, and most importantly PRACTICES that help you become a better parent AND a better person.

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“I love this book. I wish it were packaged with every pregnancy test.” — Dean Ornish MD