Family Support Package

Need help transforming a difficult situation with your child?

Want support in becoming the parent you know you can be?

FINALLY: An all-in-one 12-month package to help you
cultivate a better relationship with your children!

family supportTransforming behavior — your own or your child’s — is usually a long-term project. In addition to new insights, we also need to engage in new habits or practices to make effective, lasting change.

This is why I created the Family Support Package.  This package gives you all the tools you need to create a harmonious household with less yelling and strife, help your kids become more self-disciplined, and still support them in becoming fully themselves. 

This package includes:

  1. The Loving Discipline Home Course
    – nearly 10 hours of audio recordings, a 99-page eBook, and the Loving Discipline Toolkit (40 tools to promote connection and cooperation in your home). $50.00 VALUE
  2. 2 1-hour private Parent Coaching sessions
    – get 1-1 phone support directly from Dr. Chris White during your program. $200.00 VALUE
  3. A full YEAR of monthly Parent Support Calls
    – monthly 1-hour group calls where you can have your on-going questions and concerns answered. $300.00 VALUE


“…a top-notch and innovative program that can totally transform the way we live.” — Nora, mother of two, freelance writer


Family Support Package
Only $550 $199


Here is what you can expect during the Family Support Package:

=> We have an introductory Parent Coaching call to address your issue/concern. Once I get a feel for what you are wanting, and what you are up against, we will create a plan together.

=> I will then ask you to listen to the Loving Discipline Home Course which will help you understand the major pieces to the puzzle. I will emphasize certain tools from the Loving Discipline Toolkit that are most relevant for your situation. And I will also give you a practice that will help you transform the difficult behavior (your own or your child’s).

=> We will have our second private Parent Coaching session in 2-4 weeks to fine tune your program.

=> We will then touch in monthly during our Parent Support Calls where you can bring your observations and have your questions answered. This is an amazing, cost-efficient way to change difficult behavior.


“The time my wife and I spent with Chris was to me the single most valuable hour we’ve spent together learning how to parent more skillfully.” — Amiel Handelsman, host of The Amiel Show, executive coach, and father of two


Individually, this personalized program would cost $550 to participate, get it now for just $199! Click the buy now button below and gift yourself (or a friend) with a full year of Family Support and cultivate a better relationship with your children.


Family Support Package
Only $550 $199


“This is the best way I know how to create lasting change for parents struggling with behavioral issues.”

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“Chris is a remarkable guy and if you get a chance to work with him, you and your family will benefit greatly.” — Todd Sarner, MA MFT; Director of Transformative Parenting and father