The Essential Parenting Home Course

Insights and practices that will
magnify the Love in your home.

Have you ever wished that someone would lay out the big picture of human development for you?

Have you wanted to know which things would help your children in reaching their full potential and which would hurt them?

For the last 15 years I have been heavily engaged in exploring the questions:

  • What is a human being?
  • How does one grow, develop, and mature?
  • And how can we best support this process of maturation?

The Essential Parenting Home Course is a distillation of this exploration.

By the end of this course you will be able to help your children:

  1. Live a happy and authentic life.
  2. Become a respectful and responsible member of the family.
  3. Grow into the fullest version of themselves possible.

But not only that, you will be transformed as well. In the end, the best way to help our kids grow up is for us, as parents, to continue becoming fully ourselves and offering them our fullness.

This course includes:

  • Ten hours of MP3 recordings
  • Nine handouts
  • Two group conversations by phone

“Dr. Christopher White is as brilliant as he is compassionate. He offers a beautiful and integrative approach to parenting that will enrich your life as a parent, and nourish the internal life of your children. Chris brings humor, wisdom, and tremendous empathy to his work, and has deeply touched my own life as a mother, as well as the lives of my students. I give him my highest recommendation.” — Dr. Shauna L. Shapiro, Associate Professor at Santa Clara University, co-author, The Art and Science of Mindfulness: Integrating Mindfulness into Psychology and the Helping Professions

Course specifics:

Week 1: The Essential Parenting Approach

In this class we compare and contrast the Developmentalist and the Behavioral approaches to raising children, introduce mindfulness, and discuss the context in which maturation is optimally supported.

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Week 2: What is a Fully Developed Human Being?

I outline the three primary maturational processes and emphasize the importance of helping our children maintain contact with their authentic self.

Week 3: Attachment: What it is and What it is Not

In this class we explore how the current Attachment Parenting paradigm can be expanded and improved upon. In particular, you will learn how the creation of healthy boundaries and teaching our children the importance of interdependence is absolutely essential to the development of maturity.

Week 4: The Five Essential Elements of Relational Nourishment

This week I describe how unconditional love, space, healthy limits, mentorship, and “mistakes” are exactly what our children need to develop into their full potential.

“Nothing is more important than our ability to be mindful and present with our kids. Chris White has made helping parents achieve this his life’s work and I cannot recommend him and his Essential Parenting course enough. His ability to see the big picture and to help parents become who their children need them to be is a gift. Chris is a remarkable guy and if you get a chance to work with him, you and your family will benefit greatly.” — Todd Sarner, MA MFT; Director of Transformative Parenting and father

Week 5: The Adaptive Process

Adaptation is a key process in human maturation and it is especially missing in western culture. This week we discuss adaptation: what it is and why it is important to start this process early if we want to develop our children’s resilient and hearty nature.

Week 6: The Development of Resilience

In this class we walk through exactly what is needed to support the adaptive process, and outline the steps involved in this pivotal dance.

Week 7: Discipline

I introduce a new view of discipline that has maturity, rather than mere compliance, as its primary goal. We examine how many Behaviorist strategies—particularly separation-based strategies like time-outs and “1-2-3-Magic!”—do not achieve this long-term goal of maturation and cause many behavioral and relationship problems along the way.

Week 8: Integration

I integrate the previous seven weeks, propose a way to raise the bar for attachment parenting, and summarize the “take-aways” that will help orient you in tough times.


These practices are designed to promote mindfulness in everyday life and help you keep your cool when you are starting to flip-out. These include mindfulness practices, somatic practices, and several topics of inquiry. If done regularly, these practices can change your life.

“Essential Parenting puts raising children where it belongs: at the center of our lives. Dr. Chris White demonstrates over and over again that the path of effective parenting and the path of personal growth and fulfillment are one and the same. There are many courses that say, ‘try this.’ This is a course that says, ‘live this.’ I can honestly say that by following the precepts of Essential Parenting I am able to be a better parent by having become a better person.” — Stephen H. Sulmeyer, J.D., Ph.D., father

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Insights and practices that will
magnify the Love in your home.

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More Information

The Home Course is presented in an environmentally-friendly, all-downloadable format. Special thanks to Cloud Cult for providing the music for this course. Five percent of the profits will be donated to Earthology Records, a not-for-profit organization that is working to green the music industry.

About Chris

Chris White, M.D. is a pediatrician, life-coach, and father who is compelled to support the psycho-emotional and spiritual growth of families. Chris says:

“I created The Essential Parenting Home Course to raise the bar for parenting over the next few decades. And I need the help of conscious parents like you to engage in this dialogue and become co-creators of our shared future. The Home Course is for people who cannot find time to meet in person, but still want access to this rich material. Part of our purpose in this lifetime is parenting, and this world needs our gifts. My hope is that you will engage this material wholeheartedly, blend it with your own insights, and continue to make parenting your own unique art form. I have total faith that you are exactly what your child needs, and that together we will find our way in this crazy-beautiful thing we call parenting.”